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Central Branch Railroad

Marshall County, Kansas is home to the Central Branch Railroad (CBRR), one of the oldest and longest historical railroad lines in the State. It brought settlers west establishing the towns of Blue Rapids, Frankfort, and Waterville. The CBRR also served as a way station for shipping of cattle and turkeys to customers in the east. Homeless children from the east were transported via orphan trains for adoption by midwest farm families. During World War II, the CBRR was utilized to transfer German prisoners of war to a prisoner camp near Concordia, Kansas.

The Marshall County Railroad Historical Society is a 501 (C)(3) not for profit corporation that owns and operates the Central Branch Railroad along 11.98 miles of track in Marshall County. The CBRR runs April-October, seven days a week. Every year over 800 people ride on our trains!  Contact Ann Walter at to schedule a ride. ​

Ride Options

Waterville west to Somewhere (40 min)

Waterville east to the Big Blue River (2hrs)

Waterville to Blue Rapids (40 min)

Blue Rapids east to the Big Blue River (40 min)



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